WI-LFL’s Pro-Life Message to the Schools Initiative

Wisconsin Lutherans for Life has been doing a lot of thinking about its purpose and mission.  This led us to think about how we can transmit life values in the most effective way possible and realized something that looks obvious in retrospect.  Consider the following facts:  1., our values are largely established in our youth by parents, teachers, and our community 2., the culture of death is actively attempting to persuade young people that ending lives is the best solution to some of society’s problems 3., the Christian faith is completely incompatible with such a philosophy 4., Wisconsin is home to an extremely large number of Christian educational institutions and 5., Many of those institutions are Lutheran!

Looking at these facts, Wisconsin Lutherans for Life has decided to launch an initiative that connects Lutheran for Life organizations with the Lutheran educational institutions within the state.  The goal:  to have at least one interaction by a LFL representative with each educational institution per year.

We take it for granted that our Lutheran schools are transmitting the faith and with that the pro-life values that are intrinsic to the faith.  However, one of our challenges in the battle for life in this country involves staying informed and staying in touch and being primed for action.  When our students leave our schools, we need them to be aware that they are stepping right into the fray.  They need to know that their values have an impact in the real world.  Lutherans for Life, like many other pro-life organizations, has their finger on the pulse of current events and issues.  As such, they are appropriately placed to help these young people put their faith into practice regarding life issues.

But Wisconsin Lutherans for Life also understands that life issues go beyond the topic of abortion and other topics are much harder to grasp.  Embryonic stem cell research and human cloning are great examples of recent issues that tie back to the life debate but are more complicated.  WI-LFL would like to make itself available to our educators in helping ‘connect the dots’ between life related issues.  We can provide resources (or point you in the direction of some) or come and do classroom presentations or do ‘briefings’ for teachers and staff.

WI-LFL looks forward to building connections between the students, teachers, and administrators at Lutheran schools and Lutherans for Life.

To carry out this initiative, we need some help.  First of all, we are asking all WI-LFL chapters in Wisconsin to get in touch with us.  We’d like you to identify those within your organization who would be comfortable visiting local Lutheran schools and giving classroom presentations, or chapel messages, and otherwise make connections with the students and faculties of those schools.  WI-LFL stands ready to assist such individuals and may even offer training if it is desired.  Second of all, we need the word spread to our Lutheran schools that WI-LFL is launching this initiative.   While our goal is to do something each year in each institution, to begin with it may be helpful if interested teachers and principals contacted us directly to express their willingness to be involved.

WI-LFL is going to take the next three or four months to develop and implement this initiative.  We’d like to start visiting schools as early as this spring and hit the ground running next fall.  We hope that you will contact WI-LFL president Anthony Horvath to express your interest, ideas, and support.   Email him at president@lfl-wi.org.

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