WI-LFl Going Digital for its Newsletters

Tough economic times require every organization to look carefully at how they do business.  WI-LFL took a hard look at some of its expenses and noted that one of the largest of them are the regular newsletter mailings.  Between copies viagra usa and envelopes and postage- not to mention the volunteer hours to pull all those things together- the grand total for newsletters sent two or three times a year is well over 25% of available funds.  In light of the popularity, ease, and affordability of digital delivery, the move to electronic newsletters makes a lot of sense.

At WI-LFL’s last board meeting, it was decided that the October 2011 newsletter would be the last mailed newsletter.  To continue receiving our newsletter, please be sure to sign up for our email list, which you can do through the web page, www.lfl-org.  Alternatively, you can contact the new membership director, Paula Oldenburg, at membership@lfl-wi.org to arrange for your email address to be entered into our new database.

If you would still rather read a printed edition, you can visit the website and download the newsletter and print it off.  We apologize to those who liked to receive the newsletter in the main but we hope that you will understand our decision and quickly sign up for our email list.

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