The Failure of Sex Education in the Church

indexThe Failure of Sex Education in the Church: Mistaken Identity, Compromised Purity: Questions & Answers for Christian Dialogue

by Linda Bartlett

The Failure of Sex Education in the Church: Mistaken Identity, Compromised Purity by Linda Bartlett is a “catechism” for parents, pastors, teachers, those struggling with sexual temptations, and everyone who is concerned about the sexualization of children. For a half-century, Christians and non-Christians alike have been taught to believe that “children are sexual from birth”. Nowhere in Scripture does God describe children this way. The phrase was coined by a humanist named Alfred Kinsey who believed infants and children can enjoy and benefit from early sexual activity. His social science was wrong, but his research was widely accepted. Our nation and even the Church were set on a dangerous course. By accepting Kinsey’s data and the expertise of other like-minded humanists, the Church played a role in bestowing a mistaken identity, compromising purity for multiple generations, and ultimately putting human lives at risk. A false identity has both temporal and eternal ramifications. With painstaking care, Bartlett explains why the Church can no longer participate in a tragically flawed social experiment and going beyond diagnosis, she proposes a hopeful, radical and thoroughly biblical remedy. Bartlett takes no delight in pointing out error, but is motivated by love for her own children and grandchildren and by a love for God’s Word. For the sake of all children, Christians need to know the origin of sex education, then ask: What fellowship has light with darkness? Upon what foundation have we built? Young or old, single or married, who does God say that I am and what does this mean? For the sake of generational holiness and purity, Bartlett encourages honest and kind dialogue. The questions and answers in this book are a good place to start.

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