Taking Care of the Crosses

Additional stewardship for our display of the crosses is something that we are looking at presently. We would like to see if there’s anyone who is located in or around central Wisconsin who is willing “adopt” this display and all that would entail.    It consists of a covered snowmobile-type of trailer with the crosses and whatever else is involved in that display inside.  “Adopting” it would mean safe storage of it where it could be taken in and out with prior notice and keeping it maintained so it could remain ready to travel when needed {i.e. the tires and lights on it, mainly.    If that person could be able to be contacted when the display is requested, keep track of who has taken it out and when for which intended length of time, that’d be great, too.   If it is adopted, insurance will be put on the display and the trailer prior to adoption, and the trailer will be properly licensed each year, as well.

If there are futher questions or concerns, please contact info@lfl-wi.org.

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