Hope for the younger generations

Kristen Walker wrote a great article on “What we must do before abortion becomes illegal.”

She essay order believes that education is often mistaken for information. We need education – not just information, but instruction in what to do with that information, and that includes moral instruction.

Walker also pointed out that abortion doesn’t exist in a vacuum. As long as teenagers are encouraged to believe that they are mature enough to have sex, that sex is “no big deal,” that being promiscuous is cool, that birth control pills are harmless and fail-safe, and that condoms make all your problems go away, we are going to keep seeing unplanned pregnancies.

We can never stop all unplanned pregnancies from happening. Human nature is what it is; people fail to live up to standards every day. But the first and essential step is having standards. We need to help young women understand that being slutty is not synonymous with being cool, funny, and smart. We need to show them that in today’s culture, not rebelling against traditional morality is the truly rebellious thing. We need young women who remain chaste until marriage, who uphold and affirm the sanctity of life, and who view marriage and motherhood as sacred vocations. In order to see more of those young women, we need to change the perception that teenage girls who are intelligent and chaste are miserable, unpopular, naive, and brainwashed.

It won’t be easy to accomplish this, but it is possible. There is hope for the younger generations. We have to lead by example among our peers and those who look up to us. We have to show them that leaving behind ego and instant gratification doesn’t mean leaving behind your brain or your sense of fun.

Stay tuned for Part II of “what we must do before abortion is illegal.”

Also, you can access the rest of Kristen Walker’s article here: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/what-we-must-do-before-abortion-is-illegal