Quarterly Newsletter

State Federation Board Meeting Highlights:

Our State Federation meetings have been via e-mail, which is approved according to our bylaws.   We mainly discussed several openings on the Board, and have been seeking to appoint in order to fill those openings.   So far, there have been none who have accepted the offers – several qualified have been asked.  As per our bylaws, they need to meet certain qualifications in a sheet of application in order to be qualified to appoint.  We continue to pray and seek people the means of good stewardship and wisdom.   The positions that we’re currently seeking are that of the Secretary and Co-Treasurer.  We have named a rep. for LFL of WI to the Northern WI District.   Dr. Paul Hunsicker, who’s retired and lives in Tomahawk, has agreed to represent us in the NWD and also LFL of Bulgaria in going out to speak and promote both organizations.  Paula sent him an envelope of the new LFL Lifeteam Brochures and LFL of WI business cards to hand out.  He did one speech in Butternut and continues to bolster LFL where he is a member at Faith LCMS in Irma, as well as to keep in touch with Pres. Paula to continue to help bolster the work of LFL of WI.   We have also named a rep. for the Southern WI District.  She is Miss Linda Phillips of Milwaukee.  She, too, is able to go out and represent both LFL of WI and LFL of Bulgaria.    She has not yet gotten out with it, however, to my knowledge, as she’s also a professor, so we’ll work towards summer for encouraging her to either go out or set up some places to visit.   We’ve added former President Tony Horvath to our Advisors.  Tony has agreed, and did a talk on Feb. 28 at Grace, LCMS, August.   The other advisor is Betty Oldenburg, Paula’s Mother-in-law, who is an ELCA person and has been a most wonderful help.   We also consult periodically with a few other of the longtime mainstays in LFL of WI, and they’re always very insightful and helpful.

In January, Paula mailed an LFL lifeteam brochure plus some other literature, some DVD’s about the Mission, Method, and Manner of LFL, and some business cards to all of the chapter, lifeteam leaders, and life ministry coordinators.   Two of those came back, so they will be mailed out again with corrected addresses.

In February, LFL of WI contributed a donation to a girl whose name is Amanda, in Milwaukee, because there was an urgent request for monetary support for her and her family, whose rent was coming due without the means for the family to pay it at the time.   We also referred them to the LCMS’ “A Place of Refuge” if they or others would need the same type of funding.   At this time, the LFL of WI checking account remains in good order, as well as a good amount in the savings account.

A grant was drawn up and submitted by LWML for $3,000.   If the grant is approved, it will be given near June of 2017.

In November of 2015, Paula, when she was examining the bylaws for LFL of WI to officially keep its’ non-profit status in Wisconsin, discovered it’d expired and we’d have to reapply.  So we got to work on that instantly.  However, it’s taking a bit to find all of the information that’s needed, so we hope that we can get this submitted to the WI Department of Financial Institutions as soon as possible for to remain legal as a non-profit corporation in WI.

Federation Displays done by Bob and Carol Schweiger, Milwaukee (SWD=Southern WI District;

NWD = Northern WI District):

Feb. 6-7 2015 LWML SWD Conference; Apr. 10-11 2015 WI Right to Life Conference;

June 7-9  2015 SWD Convention; Sept. 11-12 2015 Camp LuWiSoMo; Nov. 12-13 2015 SWD/NWD Teacher’s Conference;  Feb. 5-6 2016 LWML Convention;  Mar. – Retired Professionals Conference – Waupaca;  Apr. 2015 Lutheran Education Association Convention for LFL;  More will be scheduled, as well, for future dates beyond this quarter, including an English District Conference in Milwaukee.    We might think of finding additional displayers for the SWD, as well, so the Schweigers don’t burn out, although they’re retired and enjoy doing it immensely!   We are very appreciative to them and very thankful for all of their help!

Federation Presentations:

Dr. Paul Hunsicker, to an LCMS in Butternut 11/15

Tony Horvath, to Grace LCMS in Augusta 2/15

Federation Projects:

Continuing to complete Owen’s Mission – 3/4 complete

LFL Essay Contest – 29 essays submitted this year – up 28 from last year!   2 or 3 were selected from each class, so many more were written than were submitted.  It will be encouraged that all of those who have written them be compiled into a class book of essays.  Those which were submitted to the LFL of WI Essay Contest will be compiled into an e-mail version of a booklet to send out to all of the e-mail members who are on our e-update list and also possibly shared with some who aren’t on the e-update list.  LFL of WI awarded a $150 prize to the winner in each category.   We will continue tweaking to make improvements for next years’ contest.

E-updates continue to be manned by Paula and sent out on holidays and also with other pertinent information that’s of help to the chapters and lifeteam leaders and all of the other members who are on the e-update list.    It is encouraged that people be submitting e-mails to info@lfl-wi.org if/as they change their e-mails or find others who want to be on the list, as well.

Chapter/Life Team Activity:

A LifeChain was held on National LifeChain Sunday, Oct. 2, 2015, in Wausau.  That publicity invited all who would help, and some from the St. Mary’s Catholic Oratory/Parish showed up to help, which was nice, since we were doing this across from their parish.   They invited us to do this again next year and also to utilize their facilities, which was very kind of them, since we had been rejected from the usual area in front of a large LCMS church in Wausau, so we were very thankful.  However, it’s a big project for which a lifechain representative in each congregation is helpful, so we will only seek to do that project every other year or longer apart, because it takes a lot of work to get the publicity out, and we don’t currently have enough hands to help with that if it’s done every year.    Paula ordered one new sign that reads “LFL of WI” and the website info., and that is a nice addition to the old set of signs that is presently used.

The Ozaukee Co., NorthEastern WI, and Lakeshore Chapters did a lot this year from October to February.    The Ozaukee Co. President is beginning a lifeteam.   We are looking to possibly do a form of a Lifeteam Summit with some of the chapters in the future – plans at this time are not decided.

Plans for the phonebank calling fundraising project with John Hawkins, LFL’s Director of Stewardship, after his presentation at the October 2015 LFL Conference.   Paula contacted him after the Feb. Exec. Board meeting to see how this project might proceed, and that is looking to include the above chapters, plus possibly the Portage Area chapter, Sheboygan Area chapter, and the unofficial chapter at Pilgrim LCMS, Green Bay, plus possibly the Concordia University, Mequon, students.   If any other chapters are interested, please e-mail info@lfl-wi.org.

The NorthCentral WI chapter offered to supply new life-chain-sized signs to any of the chapters who wish to request them.   A person from that chapter’s area offered to set aside a trust so as to order and have the signs delivered to any chapters who want.   The chapters can keep the signs permanently.   So far, people from 3 chapters have been interested, as Paula had them contact her first so she could track who was interested.    The signs are also available to individual members if they request, but further word will need to be put out regarding that in order to keep that opportunity visible.

The Antigo Area Chapter officially dissolved with references to Lori and Paula for anyone from there who’d like to keep in touch or start a lifeteam.   The Clintonville area has started a lifeteam – Lori will be in touch with that leader.

All of the chapters have returned Annual Activity Reports this year with updated contact information and some information about the activities in many of the chapters.  Most seem to remain small, but continuing to function quite well.   A good thing is that some chapters desired more information to add to their knowledge base.

There was one request to utilize the Witness of the Crosses, but that did not materialize this year – Paula offered for them to use it next year or another year, then.   Additional ideas about how to

get that blessing to be utilized more frequently will be on the next Board Agenda.   There is one display housed in a trailer in Meqon.   The other display is stored in Edgar.   Legal guidelines have been established and are recommended antime anyone seeks to utilize the set.   This is to prevent liability, loss, and vandalism occurrences from happening, mainly.

Paula got a call in early March, 2016, from the Merrill Area chapter.   They have been tired and worn out for a good number of years, and despite Paula’s meeting with them several years ago to help guide them in figuring out whether to continue or disban, they keep deciding to continue.  So upon the last call, Paula referred the chapter member to another person who could network with them to help and who had asked about what’s available in our LFL of WI to do so; plus a pastor in that area who had left for a couple of years has returned, so the chapter is going to contact him, too, to see what could be accomplished in trying to reignite further action in that area.  Paula encouraged an “area-wide” approach so that as many as possible could participate, because there are a good number of life-affirming LCMS’ in that area and 2 LCMS schools there, so this has been an area where a good number of seeds have been sewn by the present LFL of WI as well as in past years.  Paula also went to Scott Licht as to if he could contact them and help them to see about how they might proceed in the future on “better feet” so they can be better sustained.   Paula also sent a letter to Pastor Zeto, who’s the pastor who has returned, encouraging him in working with that chapter to get some actual LFL activities happening.  Paula offered to be of assistance in any way possible with this, because that area is only 1/2 hour to 45 minutes from where Paula resides.   So this has been one of the more encouraging “sprouts” of activity as of most recent.    She received a reply from Pastor Zeto at the end of March, stating that he’d received Paula’s letter, thus opening up a positive, mutual working relationship with Pastor Zeto.

Other Items of Interest:

Bob and Carole Schweiger have continued to mann displays in the Southern WI District; Deb Mathey, the display person for the Northern WI District, has been asked to mann a display at the

NWD’s LWML Convention on June 23 – 25 in Eau Claire.   If she won’t be able to, then Paula or Tony might be able to.   Deb has been asked to do several displays in 2015 and 2016 and declined, so we might seek to look for others who can additionally help in the NWD with displays.

In January, Paula attended worship at and sent a supportive note to St. Mark’s LCMS , Rhinelander {where Paula lives}, regarding the great mention of the truth through that pastor’s sermon on 1/3, and offering support from LFL of WI to them for literature and anything else needed.   So far, no return reply has been received, and contact information for LFL of WI was provided, as well as encouragment to utilize the websites and the literature through CPH.   She also attended on Good Friday and is starting to gain some introductory support personally there – is treading very carefully so as not to be too invasive too quickly.

Paula continues to add churches and individuals to the e-update list and to the database w/ their contact info.   There are so many that she can’t keep up – a wonderful problem to have!  She admits that a secretary would be helpful in this area, as well as in minute-taking.  A new e-mail was added from the October LFL Conference, for a couple who was interested in lifeteams.  No communication has been followed up on since that, but Paula will check with Lori in order for her to possibly follow up on that.

In mid March, Paula e-mailed Bethesda, Milwaukee, to see if she could connect with the person who spoke to the LFL Exec. Committee in February about future plans to include LFL in some of their

future workings.  However, there’s no response yet, so Paula will need more details from someone who was at the Exec. Board meeting or from the lady who spoke to them so that the LFL of WI can

continue to network with and stay on top of what can be done with Bethesda.   A branch of Bethesda acquired a new facility in Rhinelander, NWD, where Paula lives presently, so it would be very easy for Paula to be able to connect with them on a regular basis and to help network with them in an ongoing manner, as well as possibly be connecting others to that facility and LFL of WI, as well.

An LFL of WI Lending Library is starting – we are not sure if plans to actually get that into gear will

come to fruition, but we can do some initial lists in order to get it started throughout the chapters.

It might be more practical to publish a list, instead.  The LFL of WI Board will spend some time in thought about that particular blessing to help bolster the ministry of LFL of WI and it’s members.

We in Wisconsin are very much looking forward to getting as many as is possible to attend the

LFL Conference in October this Fall in Bloomington, MN, as it’s one of our neighboring states and so more easily accessible for many of us!   See http://www.lutheransforlife.org after April 1 to register asap!   It looks to be another excellent LFL event with inspiration for a lifetime!

Activity with the LCMS District Life Coordinator:

Mar. 1 was the first notice of details needed for a report about activity with the Pastoral District Life Coordinator, so Paula e-mailed the NWD’s on 3/11, in case he might have some info. to add to this report.    She has not yet been able to e-mail the SWD’s, and will seek the e-mail from Lori in order

to be able to request a report for next quarter from him, as well.

Presently, there are online pages for both the SWD and NWD District Life events.

Respectfully submitted by Mrs. Paula Oldenburg, LFL of WI President