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Fall greetings in the Lord’s most abundant life!   We will be sending some newsletters via U.S. mail once again starting with this issue, so as to reach some who are not able to access e-mail.   However, it is important that if there is any opportunity for you at all to access via e-mail, you will be able to find our e-updates, which are more frequent.

We are also on Facebook.

Our most current “thrust” is to promote the LFL NATIONAL CONFERENCE which can be found via computer at .  Transportation can be arranged if desired  by e-mailing or calling 715-362-6425 with your request {voicemail}.

To bring you up to date on the PRESENT BOARD OFFICERS, they are Mrs. Paula Oldenburg, Rhinelander – President; Miss Marissa Steinberg, Mequon – Vice President; and Mrs. Bonnie Walter, Turtle Lake, Treasurer.   Non-voting is a Pastoral Advisor, Pastor Heisinger, Irma.  Still needed on the Board is a database person who can keep the contact information regarding our membership.  A minute-taking Secretary would be an added blessing, as well, but we have been able to incorporate some interim people to help periodically.   So if you know of anyone who can help in these areas, please e-mail   Mileage reimbursement to any meetings is provided.   We try to make meetings as close to the central area of WI as is possible for equal access to all of the Board members who represent various parts of the State.

A common question addressed to the State & National LFL’s is:  “What exactly do you do, or are you doing”??  WE ARE A LIFE-AFFIRMING NETWORK of individuals and Chapters who embrace the fact that God has created us to partake of God’s plan from conception until natural death, and we seek to minister and support anyone who would like help, inspiration, or referrals within such a framework, reaching beyond our own branch of LCMS Lutheranism to share with those in other branches and denominations of Christianity as well as to be available educate & reach out to those who are not in Christian circles, as well.   We do this via means of computer e-updates, via the WI Federation of LFL Chapters, & via the congregations & community groups who have adopted the Renewal for Life methods of reaching & touching individuals who are not otherwise being reached to be saved by Jesus Christ.   Our basis has changed from mainly committees and education to mainly prayer & service that includes some committees and education.   We are always seeking new volunteers & that addresses & e-mails be updated, so please do so at  or 715-362-6425 {voicemail}.   Our Treasurer’s address is, and donations are always welcome, as there are many mileage & office expenses included with the upkeep of the ministry of your LFL of WI in more and more of the WI communities and congregations.   We will be able to do things like billboards and other media activities, too, as donations grow.   Also, please remember to keep the containers in site of as many as possible for the collection of Pennies & Quarters for Life.   The usual collection date for this is in January, but this can be done all year long In parochial & Sunday school classrooms, out in display booths, and in many other creative ways.

Some of our MINISTRY ACHIEVEMENTS in standing up to preserve lives in 2012 & 2013 are listed here:

Booth/Display participation for visibility/ministry opportunities:

2012 Vilas Co. Fair, 2013 WI Right to Life Legislative Conference & Annual Convention
2013 Pastor’s Conference, Eau Claire, WI
2013 January LifeChain, Wausau, WI {2013 Oct. Lifechain projected for Eagle River}
2013 Fairbooths:   we got word from the cities of Edgar, Milwaukee, & Rhinelander


Many e-mails & phone calls President Paula were sent to the LFL President’s meeting in St. Louis in March & was also able to attend a “Refresh” conference there given by Churches for Life, a new part of LFL’s recharged Renewal for Life program.

President Paula & Treasurer Bonnie sent for and received “Church for Life” training DVD’s and training manuals.   Paula has completed the basic and also the next Lifeteam 101 training.   Ya-Fen Szezney has also completed both modules.   This helps to discover which way LFL is continuing to minister in new ways in the present and future.   For more information, e-mail, or 715-362-6425 voicemail.

Some allotted funds were shared with some volunteers who helped via displays and also speaking.


The Witness of the Crosses trailers were found and moved from Sheboygan to Mequon {10,000 crossses w/ a large sign and a large cross included} and  from Edgar to Wausau {2,000 crosses}.  Insurance possibilities were explored, but it was decided that it’s best to not insure them – to make sure the drivers are insured instead.   Guidelines were legally approved and will be signed by each party who uses the collections.   E-mail if you or other groups are interested in utilizing this important aspect of ministry.   Phone 715-362-6425 {voicemail} if no e-mail.

We continue to find additional sources of funding.   Be sure to share any suggestions with us.

We have teamed much closer with National LFL who has hired a new Executive Director – Scott Licht, a new Missions & Ministry Coordinator – Lori Trinche, & a new Youth & Collegians Coordinator – Laura Davis, so more new activities are beginning to emerge on the WI front daily.   Please be praying for all of this.


A huge THANK YOU to all of you who continue to help in any and every way – we are helping the hands of God, who is so very supportive of the work with His created!

None of us are perfect, but all of us are able to do something because of the love of Christ!


3 chapters have officially dissolved this year and there is one new chapter – Sheboygan.

There is much of the new Renewal for Life material circulating in the State now, with more people being reached every day.   Since we are able to reach into more branches of Lutheranism, this is widening our ministry, so we Praise God for all of the additional opportunities.   In 3 years, WI is on the slate for hiring a Renewal for Life Coordinator, as well as maintaining all of the Renewal for Life volunteers possible.   LFL  has hired RFL Coordinators in Texas & Minnesota, and we can pray that many more will be able to serve in the US soon.  We will keep you updated as to how this will be happening through e-mail updates, mainly.   The present volunteer RFL contacts in WI are Paula Oldenburg {approximately Appleton/WI Rapids line north} at, and Ya-Fen Scezney {approximately south of the Appleton/WI Rapids line} at

We will continue to keep you abreast of the ministries of LFL of WI, and do feel free to ask questions whenever they arise, expressing your needs & questions to us as we seek to continue to be an arm of National LFL in promoting the value of human life through the Christian Church.

We thank you for your awesome support, and may we continue to “spread the word” that only through Jesus can we truly maintain the abundant life!