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1) State Federation Board Meeting Highlights:
A) Pastoral Advisor Mark Meier is continuing to start a chapter &/or lifeteam
in lower central WI. Paula was invited to attend an organizational
meeting regarding that on Jan. 6, but it was cancelled because Pastor Mark
incurred unexpected heart surgery in December and had not recouperated
yet, but he’d like to set a meeting for later winter or early spring and Paula will
try to attend that one if she knows at least a month ahead so as to be able to
reserve it so she doesn’t work that day, even if on a weekend.
B) A new Treasurer began her post in December. She is one of the display
people from the Southern WI LCMS District. She is a WELS member.
Her name is Carole Schweiger and she will be attending the April meetings
for Paula. Her husband is a retired LCMS teacher and former President
of a chapter near Milwaukee which dissolved several years ago. He goes
out with her doing the displays. Schweigers are a huge blessing to LFL of WI!
Our former Treasurer, Bonnie Walter, has now been placed on non-voting,
Emeritus status with us. We remain highly thankful for all Bonnie has done
and continues to do for LFL of WI! A small committee has been formed
in order to have additional input for and to further grow the financial
aspects for LFL of WI even though the LFL of WI Treasury is doing OK
and there are no treasury difficulties at this time.
C) We are going to try to give either our Secretary or a volunteer the task
of helping keep and compile information for forming the LFL of WI
Federation reports to submit to the Council of Federation Presidents/Exec.
Board. This will be a huge help to Paula whose new job takes more time
of of the schedule than she desires, at times, and leaves less time for
LFL details at times, unfortunately, so time to ask for “help”! 🙂

2) Federation Presentations
A) Scott Licht, LFL Business Director, visited Wausau, WI in early November in
order to speak and display at an NALC Leadership Conference for leaders
from their northern district. Wausau is central to their district. Scott asked
Paula to bring some display items, as well, so she was able to attend, too.
It was a very positive venture, and Paula was asked to bring her display again.
As well, the Bishop who headed that district added his e-mail to our e-update
list and contact list, plus gave a donation, so thus a bit of a perk!
B) WI Right to Life invited us to attend their 50th Anniversary event. So our
new Treasurer/display couple will attend that event to represent LFL of WI.
LFL of WI had an opportunity to enter an ad into the WI Right to Life
handbook that will be given out at that event, so we decided to go ahead
and contribute some funds to enter 1/4 page ad. This event will be the
2nd weekend in April.
C) Paula recently attended and brought a display to an LCMS Leadership
evening held at Bethlehem LCMS in Milan, WI. This is in the vicinity of
LFL of WI’s Edgar-Athens Chapter and the husband of the chapter chair
there was in attendance, taking much info. from the display in order
to help with their Life Sunday which is at a different church than Bethlehem.
One of three workshops were able to be attended, and Paula decided it
best to attend the one on “Stewardship”. It was excellent! Several
good contacts were made during that evening, and also contact with
the LCMS Northern WI District President, Education, & Stewardship
employees was made by Paula; so thus a nicely productive evening in that
area of the state! Paula tried to attend the leadership evening that was
scheduled the week before in the Minocqua area (northern WI), but due to a
very asevere snowstorm, that evening was cancelled. Paula will try to make
some new contacts up there, however, soon! Paula found out that there
are 6 of these workshops in the LCMS’ Northern WI District every year, so
others can maybe be attended by LFL of WI in the future since the
District President encourages networking of i.e. RSO’s like ours, etc. and
was very positive towards us.
D) Pastor Salemink will be coming in May of 2019 instead of 2018 so that
time for better planning and less conflict of LFL events might occur.
Pastor Salemink is able to add Concordia University and the
Green Bay area to the list of locales where he will be able to present to when
he comes to WI.

3) Federation Projects
A) A request for Owens Mission materials was made from an LCMS teacher
at a Trinity LCMS in Merrill. Kim asked Paula to contact him about presenting,
so Paula e-mailed but got no response, so Paula will make a phone call to
follow up. A new LCMS Highschool has emerged in the Shawano (east-
central) area, so Paula will see if she can find someone to ask about
presenting Owen’s Mission to them, as well. Both locals will be added
to the contact & e-update lists, as well.
B) Our Essay Committee Chairperson commented that she didn’t get many
essays last year and expressed that we need to continue to beef it up
for this in WI. I have been encouraging her to place the info. onto
Facebook, which LFL of WI has done this year. Otherwise, it may be that
we might be best to approach the LCMS and other Lutheran synod’s
district offices in order to allow them to additionally help us with this and
the Owen’s Mission endeavors to make these things much more popular.
But really, teachers and people in the schools and congregations are still
the most effective “lights” in igniting action regarding these wonderful
opportunities that we offer students to spread the positives of the
“abundant life”!

4) Chapter/Lifeteam Activity/AARS Received
A) An AAR was received from the Shawano Chapter but from no others so far.
LFL of WI might start to ask for e-reports from the Chapters/Lifeteams
with deadlines that area ahead of the state reports so that more info.
from the chapters/lifeteams might start to be included, as well.

5) Other Items of Interest
A) Paula received an invitation to attend a Life Chain event at St. Mary’s
Catholic Church in Wausau, where we have combined in a lifechain
during National Lifechain Sunday on the first Sunday in October. Paula
asked them if it’d be OK to circulate information about that lifechain
via the e-update list for LFL of WI. So permission to circulate this
information was given. The event was held on Sun., Jan. 29 with a
lunch following. A speaker from a Milwaukee area pregnancy center
spoke on her own experiences and in promoting abstinence. Paula did
not attend, but since it was able to be circulated on the e-update e-mails,
we may eventually find out if anyone else from LFL of WI attended.
B) A member of LFL of WI, Ozaukee Co. questioned whether LFL had
any position papers regarding voting for pro-life candidates since there’s
another critical election coming in WI in February. LFL responded that
they had no position papers regarding this topic. Paula responded that
WI Right to Life and WI Family Council puts out comparison pieces
and that would probably be the most effective means of getting the word
out to our churches and communities, but to remember to invite “both”
candidates to participate in any speaking or comparison pieces as per
the guidelines set out by LFL that Paula would try to find and send to
the individual in order to be of any help in that area. Paula also
offered to be available to help in any other way that LFL of WI can be of
help in being supportive of the pro-life candidate in this election. We realize
that we are not allowed to share funds from LFL of WI in this endeavor.

Respectfully Submitted, Mrs. Paula Oldenburg, LFL of WI President

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