LFL advice on Planned Parenthood’ by LFL legal advisor

I write as Legal Counsel and as a member of the Board of Directors of Lutherans for Life, a nonprofit inter-Lutheran organization whose mission is to be a “Gospel-motivated voice for life.”  I write to urge the adoption of President Trump’s proposed rule that would prohibit funding to the world’s largest abortion-provider, Planned Parenthood.

Martin Luther wrote that “The God who declares that we are to be fruitful and multiply regards it as a great evil when human beings destroy their offspring.”  We believe Scripture and medical science both teach that personhood begins at conception and abortion is therefore the wrongful taking of human life. Forcing us to contribute our tax dollars to finance a procedure that we regard as the wrongful taking of human life makes us complicit in murder.

Furthermore, Planned Parenthood devotes significant financial resources to political advocacy in support of causes that our members strongly oppose.  Thomas Jefferson has been quoted as saying, “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

An increasing majority of the American public supports restrictions on abortion in most or all instances, indicating that our citizens are, at the very least, uncomfortable with federal programs that use their tax dollars to subsidize abortions — especially at a time when Congress is investigating Planned Parenthood for illegal actions involving the tracking of fetal tissue and when undercover probes have identified evidence of Planned Parenthood serving as an accessory to statutory rape by not notifiying authorities when clients have shared information about such situations.

And it is especially anomalous that our tax dollars would be used to subsidize Planned Parenthood when there are so many women’s health clinics that do not perform abortion but provide quality service to women  including mammograms (which PP does not), STD testing, and reproductive health counseling.

We therefore applaud the President’s proposed rule and urge that it be adopted to promote both freedom of conscience and the sanctity of human life.

John A. Eidsmoe, Colonel(MS), Mississippi State Guard
Senior Counsel, Foundation for Moral Law
Pastor, Association of Free Lutheran Congregations
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