How to change minds, win hearts, and save babies!

Here are some highlights from the article “Jill Stanek to pro-lifers: Don’t wait…use your gifts right now to help end abortion.”

Jill Stanek was an RN in the Labor and Delivery Department when she discovered that the hospital was not only providing abortions, but babies were being aborted alive and left to die without medical care. She became a pro-life activist and her testimony helped enact both the Partial Birth Abortion Ban and the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. You can check out her blog ( or read her articles at

2011 was an outstanding year for the pro-life movement, with the passing of 83 pro-life laws, and 0 states successfully defunding Planned Parenthood. 40 Days for Life, a very successful community-based campaign, will hopefully continue to make a big impact in 2012. 40 Days for Life draws attention to the abortion industry through prayer, fasting, constant vigil, and community outreach.

However, in order to really wipe-out abortion and win back the rights of the unborn, Stanek believes everyone needs to use their own strenghts to do whatever they can, small or large, to change minds, win hearts, and save babies.

You can read the rest of the powerful article here:…use-your-gifts-right-now-to-help-end