Get Out There, Set Up Displays!

Want LFL of WI to set up or help you find material in setting up a display? It’s a great time to do it in our State – we have
a wonderfully supportive, life-affirming Governor, and best of all, we have GOD – who definitely helps with displays! I get out
every chance I can to be at a display table for the life-affirming causes, and that means you can, too! Yes, if I can, you most
certainly can! There are so many places to be – in shopping malls, conventions and conferences, luncheons, lobbies of concerts,
fairs – you’ll think of many more! If you can’t do it alone, then don’t do it alone – ask a friend who’s supportive to help you. You
don’t have to go long, and you don’t have to go large – just a small card table and a couple of chairs, your chapter’s cards or
brochures {or even printed pieces of paper with your contact info.}, and include LFL of WI’s website at, and
you’ve helped get the word out! Most of us can do this – and if we’re not, let’s ask ourselves what there is to wait for??
The time is now, and the Lord loves to see us out there promoting His aboundant life, so go for it! You can get excellent
materials online from Concordia Publishing House {the LFL materials are there now}, National LFL will be getting new Renewal For Life
materials printed soon, Heritage House online has excellent materials, and Christian Life Resources online is excellent, as well!
As in the hymn, “Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calling”, it challenges us to not say, “there is nothing I can do, while the souls {and lives,
as well} of men are dying…who will go – send me, send me”! It applies, as well, right here in Wisconsin! Notify me if you have
any further questions! Also, if you have ideas for LFL of WI for venues in which we can set up booths, do let us know! There
are times when I or someone else can come and help with that.

Mrs. Paula Oldenburg, President

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