LFL of WI sincerely thanks you for sharing your time and funds with us to, by the power of the good news of Jesus Christ, benefit those in Wisconsin who cannot speak for themselves. May God richly and abundantly bless your contribution!

All who are sending a check for a donation, please send to this address:

LFL of WI Treasury
Box #203, Menomonee Falls WI, 53052.

LFL of WI General Fund

  • Monetary assistance for office supplies
  • Monetary donation towards staff (webmaster and periodic temporary help)
  • Monetary donation towards facilities (storage and maintenance of storage)
  • Monetary assistance for literature and resource supplies
  • Monetary assistance for travel expenses
  • Monetary assistance for event expenses
  • Monetary donation as a memorial (listing person(s) to be remembered)
  • Monetary donation shared from an estate
  • Monetary donation shared from a lifechapter or lifeteam
  • Monetary donation from IRA proceeds
  • Monetary donation from inheritance proceeds

Volunteer time towards:

  • Computer help (from your own or a computer in your location)
  • Participation on the Board (must be of a life-affirming mindset with
  • strong e-mail and tactful communication abilities)
  • Speaking through the speaker’s bureau (will need Board approval)
  • Helping design online posters and invitations
  • Helping design e-mail announcements
  • Helping distribute e-mail announcements
  • Learning how to form a new lifechapter or lifeteam
  • Learning how to be a Life Ministry Coordinator (1 person representing
  • LFL of WI to a congregation)
  • Helping to recruit/educate/interest pastors
  • Helping to recruit/educate/interest volunteers
  • Helping to call to find donations
  • Helping set up and tend to booths for fairs, conferences, etc.
  • Helping in any other way(s):___________________________
  • Prayer warrior
  • Interested in Bible Studies or leading a Bible study or discussion group focusing one or more life issues of interest to folks
  • Other interests or questions:___________________________