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Cross Display at Witness of the Crosses

Witness of the Crosses Ozaukee Co. placed these crosses on a church lawn across from a highschool in the Cedarburg, WI, area. For more information regarding the Witness of the Crosses, e-mail to request a page of legal guidelines so that the crosses can be safely utilized.  LFL of WI has one set in …

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Witness of the Crosses

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“Teaching For Life” a Good Fit for Parochial Schools

“Teaching for Life”, available from Concordia Publishing at, contains some life-enriching curriculum helps for teaching grades 1-8.   Utilize them as you see the opportunities arise.”

Pro-Life Bulletin Inserts

Looking for pro-life bulletin inserts? writing academic papers They are great for churches, meetings, conferences, anywhere you want to get the word out about the sanctity of life! online pharmacy canada viagra Check out the following link for more information:

Pro-life through ALL stages of life

An article by Pamela Muller Swartzberg reminds us that“Pro-life” encompasses all life. gerenic cialis The fact became clear to Pam as she walked with her father in the culmination of his life’s journey–walked with him through the years of Alzheimer’s disease. Often, when we hear about Alzheimer’s disease, we hear of “the loss of dignity” or that …

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An Unborn Child Speaks

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It certainly is when telling the story of an unborn baby’s development. So what happens when you combine the visual with words of the mighty pen? Hopefully both mediums can be doubly powerful in changing hearts and minds about abortion. A fellow pro-lifer sent me this …

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The Journey of Life

Recently, Mary Fortkamp, president of the SW Nebraska LFL chapter #341, shared a wonderful story of life and hope. Mary wrote, “My friend … gave me an e-mail one day about her friend, Allison Neumueller [from Houston, Texas], who was on bed rest because her baby was in trouble … she asked if I could …

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October Baby

At the Students for Life of America conference in Washington D.C., I was able to see an advance screening of the movie October Baby. It’s an awesome, captivating pro-life movie! Without giving too much away, here’s a short synopsis of the film: “On a journey to discover her hidden past and find hope for her …

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A woman “unconcerned about abortion” now passionate about life issues

Liz Millican, 27, never “thought much about the issue of abortion.” However, through a revival in her Christian faith, Liz realized that “God would obviously oppose abortion.” She believed that whatever God opposed could only have a “negative impact on the person as a whole” and so she decided to find out how abortion affected women. Liz …

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Hope for the younger generations

Kristen Walker wrote a great article on “What we must do before abortion becomes illegal.” She essay order believes that education is often mistaken for information. We need education – not just information, but instruction in what to do with that information, and that includes moral instruction. Walker also pointed out that abortion doesn’t exist in …

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