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The Journey of Life

Recently, Mary Fortkamp, president of the SW Nebraska LFL chapter #341, shared a wonderful story of life and hope. Mary wrote, “My friend … gave me an e-mail one day about her friend, Allison Neumueller [from Houston, Texas], who was on bed rest because her baby was in trouble … she asked if I could …

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October Baby

At the Students for Life of America conference in Washington D.C., I was able to see an advance screening of the movie October Baby. It’s an awesome, captivating pro-life movie! Without giving too much away, here’s a short synopsis of the film: “On a journey to discover her hidden past and find hope for her …

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A woman “unconcerned about abortion” now passionate about life issues

Liz Millican, 27, never “thought much about the issue of abortion.” However, through a revival in her Christian faith, Liz realized that “God would obviously oppose abortion.” She believed that whatever God opposed could only have a “negative impact on the person as a whole” and so she decided to find out how abortion affected women. Liz …

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Hope for the younger generations

Kristen Walker wrote a great article on “What we must do before abortion becomes illegal.” She essay order believes that education is often mistaken for information. We need education – not just information, but instruction in what to do with that information, and that includes moral instruction. Walker also pointed out that abortion doesn’t exist in …

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How to change minds, win hearts, and save babies!

Here are some highlights from the article “Jill Stanek to pro-lifers: Don’t wait…use your gifts right now to help end abortion.” Jill Stanek was an RN in the Labor and Delivery Department when she discovered that the hospital was not only providing abortions, but babies were being aborted alive and left to die without medical …

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Never mind the Morning After Pill! Introducing the ‘Resuscitation Pill’

To put this in perspective, we might imagine a pill that offsets the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, and so allow four year-olds to go to the store and buy cocaine and Jack Daniels off the shelf (why not? we have a pill for it. It’s all good), but if you let a ten year old drive a car, besides maybe killing himself, there is a good chance that he would kill someone else, and there is no pill for that. Here, then, is a behavior that as a society we limit to those age 16 and up, and of course even that does not save every life. But what if there was such a pill? What if some genius invented a ‘resuscitation pill’ that brought people back from the dead after they’ve been hit by a car?

Reflections on the Jaffe Memo

It is has never been more important to carefully examine what one believes and why one believe its. If you do not carry out this work, you may end up condemning the communists, nazis, and eugenicists… all the while, carrying out their work.

New book dealing with barrenness

He Remembers the Barren is a new book written by Katie Schuemann. writing an assignment It is a tender conversation with women in the church who wrestle with the issue of barrenness in marriage. Addressing questions frequently asked by those struggling with infertility, the author walks alongside the reader, relaying personal stories to both encourage …

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WI-LFl Going Digital for its Newsletters

Tough economic times require every organization to look carefully at how they do business. WI-LFL took a hard look at some of its expenses and noted that one of the largest of them are the regular newsletter mailings. In light of the popularity, ease, and affordability of digital delivery, the move to electronic newsletters makes a lot of sense. Please sign up for our email list to receive our newsletter in the future!

WI-LFL’s Pro-Life Message to the Schools Initiative

Wisconsin Lutherans for Life has decided to launch an initiative that connects Lutheran for Life organizations with the Lutheran educational institutions within the state. The goal: to have at least one interaction by a LFL representative with each educational institution per year.