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Mobile ECMO Support Helps Patients’ Lungs Recover After an Emergency

When Diane Schroeder went for a colonoscopy at Elmhurst Hospital last fall, she hoped it would help doctors there find out why her irritable bowel syndrome had been getting worse. She never expected that five days later she would be admitted to the University of Chicago Medicine with pneumonia, in desperate need of breathing support. …

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LFL of WI Shawano Parade & Cookie Swap

The LFL of WI Shawano Area Lifechapter will participate in the Shawano Christmas Parade and cookie swap the first Friday of every December at 6:00 p.m. downtown Shawano.  For more details, call Teresa Pockat, Shawano Lifechapter President at 1-715-851-5696 or LFL of WI Pastoral Advisor Steven Pockat at 1-715-851-2323.

Weeding out the unfit

The mentality that drives abortion is not “choice” or “privacy.” It is control. Abortion survives on the philosophy of might makes right and the idea that the powerful can control the fate of the weak. In her book Woman and the New Race, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger wrote that birth control “is nothing more …

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Cross Display at Witness of the Crosses

Witness of the Crosses Ozaukee Co. placed these crosses on a church lawn across from a highschool in the Cedarburg, WI, area. For more information regarding the Witness of the Crosses, e-mail to request a page of legal guidelines so that the crosses can be safely utilized.  LFL of WI has one set in …

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12-Year-Old Girl’s Speech on Abortion Leaves Her “Pro-Choice” Teacher Speechless

Here is a breathtaking speech a 12 year old gave to her class. Here is the link to the article page where you can view the video.

Witness of the Crosses

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Get Out There, Set Up Displays!

Want LFL of WI to set up or help you find material in setting up a display? It’s a great time to do it in our State – we have a wonderfully supportive, life-affirming Governor, and best of all, we have GOD – who definitely helps with displays! I get out every chance I can …

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A Nation Rises! As we near the anniversary of Roe vs Wade, we are reminded of the many people who participate in the March for Life located in Washington D.C. The video link on the article does not seem to work so I will include the link for it here. Enjoy! Also, for more information on the …

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Trust God, Choose Life DVD

$5 + postage Contents: Abortion 101: History & Practice in the USA God’s PLan for Life: The Family Living in the Midst of a Self-Centered & Sexual Epidemic A Mother’s Heart – Reaching the Abortion-Vulnerable Woman Obtain your copy from Video HD Productions

Taking Care of the Crosses

Additional stewardship for our display of the crosses is something that we are looking at presently. We would like to see if there’s anyone who is located in or around central Wisconsin who is willing “adopt” this display and all that would entail.    It consists of a covered snowmobile-type of trailer with the crosses and whatever …

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