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Never mind the Morning After Pill! Introducing the ‘Resuscitation Pill’

To put this in perspective, we might imagine a pill that offsets the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, and so allow four year-olds to go to the store and buy cocaine and Jack Daniels off the shelf (why not? we have a pill for it. It’s all good), but if you let a ten year old drive a car, besides maybe killing himself, there is a good chance that he would kill someone else, and there is no pill for that. Here, then, is a behavior that as a society we limit to those age 16 and up, and of course even that does not save every life. But what if there was such a pill? What if some genius invented a ‘resuscitation pill’ that brought people back from the dead after they’ve been hit by a car?

‘Missed’ Opportunity to Abort wins Florida Couple 4.5 million!

The minute you have a child you open yourself up to possible despair. What happens if your perfectly ‘abled’ child walks out into traffic, gets hit by a car, and loses his arms and a leg? If it were legal, would you ‘abort’ it? Only the most callous of humans would. But here we have a situation where again it is just a matter of timing. The loss of the arms and leg happened in the womb. The grief and despair are real, along with the trials and tribulations that result from the new condition, but the joys that accompany parenthood remain and in some ways are even intensified.

A Review of Maafa 21

I recently viewed Life Dynamics’s documentary, Maafa 21.  I wrote a review and posted it to the Christian  Below is an excerpt.  Read the whole review here.  I strongly recommend purchasing and viewing this documentary, especially if you want the truth behind the modern abortion ‘pro-choice’ movement and its connections to eugenics philosophies …

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