A woman “unconcerned about abortion” now passionate about life issues

Liz Millican, 27, never “thought much about the issue of abortion.” However, through a revival in her Christian faith, Liz realized that “God would obviously oppose abortion.” She believed that whatever God opposed could only have a “negative impact on the person as a whole” and so she decided to find out how abortion affected women.

Liz encountered testimonies from post-abortion women who had courageously decided to no longer be silent about the emotional and psychological trauma they suffered because of their choice to abort their baby. She “was amazed by the effact that abortion has on women.”

Research states that most women choose abortion because they feel afraid or abandoned. However, we need to become a society that supports women in all circumstances, instead of leaving women to believe their only option is abortion.

Liz’s husband Jared was adopted. She was horrified at the idea that her beloved husband could have so easily been a victim of abortion if his mother had made a different choice. She believes that abortion-minded women need to change their perception of adoption. “Some women believe that adoption means abandoning their child instead of viewing adoption as giving a child to a loving family who can’t otherwise have a child.”

Because Jared is alive and at her side, Liz knows that she will always respect women who make what she calls the “tough choice to give their precious baby to someone else.”

You can access the rest of the article here: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/from-unconcerned-about-abortion-to-thinking-it-should-be-illegal-in-less-th


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