A Review of Maafa 21

I recently viewed Life Dynamics’s documentary, Maafa 21.  I wrote a review and posted it to the Christian Post.com.  Below is an http://www.kidzfoto.dk/best-writing-paper/ excerpt.  Read the whole review here.  I strongly recommend purchasing and viewing this documentary, especially if you want the truth behind the modern abortion ‘pro-choice’ movement and its connections to eugenics philosophies that led to the Holocaust.

Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that organizations like Planned Parenthood have their origins in eugenics movements which in turn were formed to deal with the ‘problem’ created to society by the end of slavery.  Using primary source material throughout the 2 hour documentary, Maafa 21 details how birth control measures such as abortion and sterilization were originally presented in the context of eliminating ‘undesirables’ from society.  Highest on that list for the original eugenicists:  black people.


let it be said that Maafa 21 does a tremendous job showing just how closely linked eugenics was with the issue of the hordes of freed slaves now released into society.  Elites who had been happy to make use of slave labor were now concerned about the impact on the economy that poor, illiterate black people would have on society.  That it was elites- white, educated, and wealthy- and not just your average white American is a point that Maafa 21 makes effectively.  These were the movers and the shakers of the day (and today) and they were convinced that they were thinking only of the ‘best for society,’ which they calculated from a Darwinian standpoint.

Read the whole review here.

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